Steele Resolve: A Hawke Family Story (The Hawke Family Book 6) by Gwyn McNamee – Review by Colleen Noyes

Steele Resolve (Hawke Family #6)Steele Resolve by Gwyn McNamee
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I can’t believe that this series is over! The Hawke Family has been such a big part of my year of getting back into reading and I will miss them. This is Byron and Steele’s love story and it did not disappoint. When Byron realizes who Steele really is you can feel his struggle between continuing his “betrayal” to the only family he really knows and his unequivocal love for Steele. You feel the pain, the angst, the questioning and so much more that at times it will break your heart. This last book really pulls together so much of the series and you won’t be disappointed to read it. Again, I recommend reading the series in order and I personally can’t wait for the second Hawke generation.

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Fate, Frankincense & Funerals by Naomi Valkyrie–Reviewed by Jerricka Brown

Fate, Frankincense & FuneralsFate, Frankincense & Funerals by Naomi Valkyrie
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Loved it. I didn’t want it to end. I have never read a short story filled with so much action and emotion. I honestly chose this book based on the cover and I am so glad that I did. It did not disappoint. This book gave me everything I needed and more.

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Pet Me (The Toye Shoppe Book 1) by Angelique Jurd – Review by Heather Bass

Pet Me (The Toye Shoppe #1)Pet Me by Angelique Jurd
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the first book that I have read from this author and she blew my mind. I have not read a male and male book in a long time but this story exceeded all my expectations. This is the first book of The Toye Shoppe series. Once I started reading this book I could not put it down. It only took me a few hours to devour this addictive book.

Bailey Roberts is very shy when it comes to what he likes in men. He sees a new way to play online and he needs to try it. Bailey goes into a toy shop to buy what he needs but he sees someone instead. He is attracted to the store owner Sam. Bailey thinks he is so out of Sam’s league because he is all new to this type of world. He is shocked when Sam starts to show interest in him. Will they be able to see past the age difference or will it be too much?

review @heatherbass

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Exhale and Move On AUDIO BOOK by K.L. Shandwick – Review by Shadel Ayerbe

Exhale and Move OnExhale and Move On by K.L. Shandwick
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Exhale and Move On AUDIO by KL Shandwick is a romantic story between two amazing characters. It is a M/M romance story.

When you’ve lived the wild rock and roll lifestyle that Rick Fars has, it’s no surprise that you’ve been there, done that, and in Rick’s case, most certainly left your T-shirt on the floor of some woman’s bedroom. Rick has never been taken by a woman as a wealthy playboy bachelor, but he has been taken many times. Rick appears to be living the dream on the outside, but looks can be deceiving, and Rick’s life is considerably more complicated than most people think. Will Rick’s future help him understand his own psyche when the past and present collide?

I loved every page of it. I can’t wait to read more from this author.

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Exhale and Move On AUDIO BOOK by K.L. Shandwick – Review by Alexandria Richard

A steamy MMF “bad boy” rock star romance. 4/5 Stars

“Exhale and move on” is a mantra Rick Fars has lived by. When something isn’t going right, just exhale and move on. He has become a bit disenfranchised with the “rock star” life. Sure he’s still getting laid and having fun, but it has become more of the same old. That is until he starts allowing himself to feel his feelings, and to explore what they could be if he followed through on them.

I really enjoyed listening to Rick’s story, and jeesh was the sex HOT. There’s BDSM scenes, M/M, and (multiple) threesomes. This story is not for the faint of heart with the explicitness.

I enjoyed the insight to the turmoil someone in the spotlight could be feeling in their relationships and with themself. Rick is someone who is still exploring who he is and what he wants in life. He may be the “bad boy” but he also has a soft side, planning a benefit concert for the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

The one thing that made me not be able to give “Exhale and Move On” a 5-star rating was the bouts of slight homophobia from one of the prominent characters. While that may be more realistic, I wasn’t a fan of reading that in a romance novel meant to be MMF.

I have not read K.L. Shandwick before, but the smooth writing (and narration) in this novel drew me in. I also enjoyed all the information about the the other couples and musicians surrounding Rick, leaving me researching the other books with said characters.

Bolton Hill also did a fabulous job narrating “Exhale and Move On.” His voice and tone was spot on for everything. He sounded like he was actually experiencing the feelings the characters were.

Exhale and Move On AUDIO BOOK by K.L. Shandwick – Review by Amanda DelFemine

I will start out by saying that this was the first book I have ever listened to in this genre.  With that being said I thought this book was fantastic.  K.L. Shandwicks writing style and story line of sex, drugs and rock and roll were easy to listen to.  Not to mention how much she and Rick Fars made me want to jump in and have some fun of my own.

Rick finds himself faced with challenges like most rock stars they don’t find love easily. Lifestyles can change in minutes when the past comes knocking on the door or old flames try to rekindle something and you have to choose what makes you happy even if that makes others uncomfortable but in the end you have to do what makes you happy and try something new.  Some people will understand you and some will not.  You know what, that’s ok.  So just be yourself and Exhale and Move On.

Exhale and Move On AUDIO BOOK by K.L. Shandwick – Review by Michelle Collier

Exhale and Move On AUDIO BOOK by K.L. Shandwick – Review by Michelle Collier 


My rating 4 out of 5


This is the first book by K. L. Shandwick I have read. This book is extremely well written. The characters are vivid and you find yourself wanting them to find what they have been looking for and need in their life. Love and acceptance of your wants and needs is what most people search for and this book is all about not only others acceptance but of the characters acceptance of themselves. Be careful not to burn yourself from the heat coming off this book.

Exhale and Move On AUDIO BOOK by K.L. Shandwick – Review by Lizzie Chapman Gough

Exhale and Move OnExhale and Move On by K.L. Shandwick
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Phwoar! This is how I would describe this book! This book is hot and steamy! This was really refreshing for me to read a bisexual romance (M/M/F).This is the story of Rick, a world famous rockstar who plays his music to millions of fans and has women throwing themselves at him day and night. But little does the world know he indulges in men too!
I especially liked the narration of this story.The narrator brought this story to life. The worlds flowed easily and he really brought the characters to life.
My only criticism is that I found that there were quite a few characters introduced and I found it hard to keep up at times with who was who but other than this I really enjoyed this story.

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Exhale and Move On AUDIO BOOK by K.L. Shandwick – Review by Katie Matthews

Exhale and Move On Audio Book

By K.L. Shandwick

5 stars



I loved this audio book! It was such a great listen, so much so I listened to it in one sitting. The narration was really good and easy to listen to. I hadn’t read the trilogy that features some of the characters in this story but it didn’t matter for me, I was completely engaged in Rik’s story, although it’s definitely made me want to read/listen to more from this author now! I’m not actually a fan of m/m stories but I this one was written really well so I wasn’t overly bothered by it and a hot, sexy rock star is always going to be a winner in my eyes! I definitely would recommend this story! I loved it from beginning to end and I’m looking forward to reading/listening to more from this author and this series of books again in the future.

Exhale and Move On AUDIO BOOK by K.L. Shandwick – Review by Dawn Daughenbaugh

5 Stars
Exhale and Move On AUDIO BOOK by K.L. Shandwick

Exhale and Move On By K.L Shandwick, Narrated by Bolton Hill is a fast paced story that once you start listening it’s extremely hard to stop. Mr. Hill has the kind of voice I could listen to all day it’s almost soothing in a way. Rick is a Rock Star who lives the Rock-N-Roll life style to the outside world he’s a playboy but behind closed doors Rick’s life is far different. Find out what happens when ones past collides with one’s future. I highly recommend this author and giving this a listen. I look forward to reading/listening to more books by this author.

Exhale and Move On AUDIO BOOK by K.L. Shandwick – Review by Jenique Bornman

Exhale and Move OnExhale and Move On by K.L. Shandwick
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

K.L. Shandwick yet again surpasses my expectations.
In this unexpected dare I say inner struggle with his sexuality the rock star changes my mind about him.
I developed a love hate relationship early on with these characters and I’m still undecided. BUT that’s a good thing, it shows how extremely well developed K.L. Shandwick’s characters are. They are multilayered with complex emotions that jump of the pages.
Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

The narrator is new to me, I struggled a bit to get used to his voice, but maybe it’s just because it’s the first book I’ve listened to from him.

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Exhale and Move On AUDIO BOOK by K.L. Shandwick – Review by Mirela Ruiz

Exhale and Move On AUDIO BOOK by K.L. Shandwick was a steamy romantic read. I loved the non traditional relationship types that were portrayed. The details were there in spades and I definitely got overwhelmed at points. It was a very mellow listen; I could listen to the narrator every day. I cannot wait for my next listen by this author.

Exhale and Move On AUDIO BOOK by K.L. Shandwick – Review by Kerry Baker

Exhale and Move On Audio Book by K.L. Shandwick is a book about finding yourself in life and not being afraid of going after it. I was pulled into this book initially entirely on the narrator alone. He had the kind of voice that I could just listen to all day and it was the absolute perfect pairing for this book and this character! It honestly felt like we were listening to the character himself which made it much easier to connect with him.

I was a little disappointed with the overall story. I struggle to connect with it and at times wondered what the overall point was. I also thought a couple of tiles it was a little predictable. However I also found that I had to know how it all ended so I was clearly invested in the story enough to become that committed to it. I did like how the author created a small crossover between this book and another series she has done. I thought it added a nice touch to it. I think had the book been less about all the different steamy scenes and a bit more about the depth then it would have been perfect. However it was good enough that I would definitely check out more from this author in the future.

Exhale and Move On AUDIO BOOK by K.L. Shandwick – Review by Lorralei Hoerner

One word…. Wow!! Never judge a book by its cover… I really loved this audio! I want and need more!! My heart felt for The character Rick, all he wants is love and he has this facade of being a well know rock star and puts up a front… but behind it all…. he wants love and to be loved. Needless to say this audio is very Hot Hot Hot!! Lots of sexy scenes and great story to go with it :).

Exhale and Move On AUDIO BOOK by K.L. Shandwick – Review by Piper Foster

This was very diffrent from what I imanged. Been a rockstar must be hard. Rick a playboy. The M/M/F scence really got my heart racing.

I adored the ending and Rick chose the right path to happiness.

This is a very well done audio book which I really enjoyed listening to.

Exhale and Move On AUDIO BOOK by K.L. Shandwick – Review by Heather Lovelace

Four stars

Shandwick is a fairly new author to me and this book – wow. I really appreciated the way the narrator brought the characters to life. I was riveted from the beginning and had to finish it in one sitting. An excellent listen and one I will gladly recommend.

Exhale and Move On AUDIO BOOK by K.L. Shandwick – Review by Sunday Barnaby

Exhale and Move On by K.L. Shandwick 

Narrated by Bolton Hill

Four Stars


Exhale and Move On is a highly erotic romance by K.L. Shandwick. It started out fast paced and continued to be highly entertaining throughout the story. I love Rock n’ Roll romances, but this one I think is really close to how those band really live on the road. I enjoyed the interaction between Rick, Lennon and Coral, but I have to say this book is not safe to listen to at work. 

This os also my first book narrated by Bolton Hill. His voice is deep and sexy. He really brought the characters to life. I enjoyed this book from beginning to end. I’m definitely looking for more books narrated by Bolton Hill in the future.

Review @sunbarn

Exhale and Move On AUDIO BOOK by K.L. Shandwick – Review by Angela Shirley

Exhale and Move OnExhale and Move On by K.L. Shandwick
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What happens when you can get everything in the world but the one thing you thought you never wanted comes and creeps up on you.

Rick can everything and everyone he wants but is this enough in his life or is his missing something, but can he truly go after what he desires or will he push down his secret that he has been harbouring for the last right years.

This story if not for the faint hearted, this story has twists and turns which have you listening intently to the story to see where this goes. I loved the way the secondary characters enhance the story and move you to get to know them also. With an audio book you get to embrace the novel and feel like you are living the words right with the characters as they meander through the story to the conclusion. I have know about Rick from previous books in this series but enjoyed finding his history.

Reviewed by Angela Shirley

Exhale and Move On AUDIO BOOK by K.L. Shandwick – Review by Deb Robinson

Exhale and Move OnExhale and Move On by K.L. Shandwick
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Sizzling Hot and Relevant

Author K.L. Shandwick has mastered the art of taking you on a ride of exploration, through personal self introspective, sexual exploration, self awareness and love for others through past pain. I listened to this book in one day. The main characters were so vivid you felt their triumphs and pain to your core. I laughed at times and was also shocked at times ( in a good way) . When the past meets the present sparks fly. An amazing day spent in the imagination of this wonderful author. I will certainly read this author again.

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Exhale and Move On AUDIO BOOK by K.L. Shandwick – Review by Cindy Mayberry

Exhale and Move On


By K.L. Shandwick 


This is a full length steamy romance story. Definitely not for those under 18. But the rest of us can listen and enjoy.


RICK Fars has what every man could want. His music has made him popular with the help of his band. More money than he could ever spend. He has any woman he wants. Which he takes, but no true romance and never the same one. He loves women sometimes 2 at a time. But there is still something missing. Will conversations and honesty help him find what is missing? Can he accept where his life is leading him?


 K.L. Shandwick is one of my favorite romance authors. Although this genre took me to unexplored territory. I enjoyed this story as well as the narration. This story is fast paced and interesting. So much so I could not stop listening.The characters played their parts well. Coral quietly questioned her choices. But the boys have their own questions as well.  I found this story informative as well as interesting. K.L. Shandwick never disappoints, this book proved that. Well Done K.L. Shandwick! Well Done!


Exhale and Move on by K. L. Shandwick – Review by Rosemary Martinez

Exhale and Move OnExhale and Move On by K.L. Shandwick
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

PLOT TWIST!! Let me preface this by saying, I NEVER read the summary on the back of the book. For me, no matter how vague, it spoils it for me. So I may have been more shocked by Rick than I should have been, but Oh MY GOD. Wow! I loved this story. Rick’s internal struggle and the reasoning behind it was well explained. I found myself rooting for him time after time. It is an amazing story and I was totally addicted. A really great read! Highly recommend! 15 out of 10!!

Review by @rosemarym3483

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Exhale and Move On AUDIO BOOK by K.L. Shandwick – Review by Heidi Schoolman

This audio book follows Rick, who lives high on the rock and roll lifestyle.  He can have any woman he wants, but there is still something missing.  He is getting older and everyone else is settling down and yet he has not found “the one” for him.  He also carries around a lot of emotional and sexual baggage as well as a secret.  The way the author wrote this, you get a really good idea on what he must be feeling and does pull at the heartstrings a bit.  Get ready to listen/read some absolute hotness!

Exhale and Move On AUDIO BOOK by K.L. Shandwick – Review by Bobbi Wagner

I loved listening to this audio.  It is a fun, entertaining story that the narrator brings to life with each word of the story.  The tone of voice used made me want to keep listening.  I also enjoyed how the narrator’s voice changed with each character.  This is a story about Rick who is a playboy and is about to have his past come crashing into his present.  He is a rockstar but behind closed doors you find a different type of person.  This was such a great story to listen to.  I am happy I picked it up and I highly recommend this audio.

Exhale and Move On AUDIO BOOK by K.L. Shandwick

~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ AUDIO BOOK SPOTLIGHT SHOWCASE ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~
Exhale and Move On by K.L. SHANDWICK
Genre – LBGT romance, #rockstarromance, #rockerromanceaudiobook bisexual romance (mmf mfm mm)
Listening Length – 5 hours 57 minutes
Narrated by: Bolton Hill
When you’ve lived the reckless rock and roll lifestyle Rick Fars has it’s no surprise to learn he’s been there, done that, and in Rick’s case he’s most likely left his T-shirt behind on some woman’s bedroom floor. As a wealthy playboy bachelor Rick’s never been taken by any woman, but he’s taken plenty and often.
Outwardly, Rick is living the dream; however, appearances can be deceptive, and behind closed doors Rick’s life is far more complex than most would realize. When the past and the present collide, will Rick’s future finally help him to know his own mind?


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K.L. is a writer of contemporary, suspense & new adult romance, who retired in 2015 to write full time. Previously, she was a registered midwife and social care professional, but during her teenage years, she followed her passion for music by working as a merchandiser for rock bands.

K.L’s writing career only started when she was challenged to write a chapter of a book. This led to her first series, The Everything Trilogy.

Mentally, K.L. still has a young outlook, (she says she’s a young person trapped in an old person’s body), she loves all genres of music, loves attending live band performances, and making new playlists to accompany the books she writes. After living and working in the south of England for most of her adult life, she now lives in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside with her husband.




Rick: Ingram Brothers #3 by Roz Lee – Review by Amanda Kimble

Rick (Ingram Brothers #3)Rick by Roz Lee
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5/5 Stars

Rick: Ingram Brothers #3 by Roz Lee

My first read by the author and my first M/M read. Lee has done an amazing job and I can’t wait for her next book. Loved Rick and can’t wait!

Rick is a Marine and gay. No one knows and will never know. Six years go by and he’s heartbroken. He meets his brother’s new co-worker and falls hard and fast. The quote I chose for Rick is: “It’s none of your business.”

Brent is new to town and loves life. He’s got a supportive family backing him. Growing up in a Military family he never thought about falling for a Marine. The quote I chose for Brent is: “I get it, but I hope you understand now. I’m not going back to Houston. Even if things don’t work out with Rick, I’m going to stay in Willowbrook. It feels like home.”

Highly recommended for M/M Romance lovers!

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