Exhale and Move On AUDIO BOOK by K.L. Shandwick – Review by Shadel Ayerbe

Exhale and Move OnExhale and Move On by K.L. Shandwick
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Exhale and Move On AUDIO by KL Shandwick is a romantic story between two amazing characters. It is a M/M romance story.

When you’ve lived the wild rock and roll lifestyle that Rick Fars has, it’s no surprise that you’ve been there, done that, and in Rick’s case, most certainly left your T-shirt on the floor of some woman’s bedroom. Rick has never been taken by a woman as a wealthy playboy bachelor, but he has been taken many times. Rick appears to be living the dream on the outside, but looks can be deceiving, and Rick’s life is considerably more complicated than most people think. Will Rick’s future help him understand his own psyche when the past and present collide?

I loved every page of it. I can’t wait to read more from this author.

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