The Chosen: Book One: The Orb Quest Series by Cari Schaeffer

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The Chosen: Book One: The Orb Quest Series by Cari Schaeffer
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Genre – YA Urban Fantasy/Teen and Young Adult
Page Count – 137 pages
Cover Designer – MB Martin
Publishing Company – Indie Published
Goodreads –

Destiny. Is it chosen by you, or for you? At seventeen, Gemma thought she knew the answer. Then life, and destiny, got in the way.
Gemma and her friends only want to finish high school and get on with their lives. But these friends share unusual characteristics that nobody else possesses. They dismiss them as quirks of nature until an otherworldly encounter at a local park reveal the four are marked as The Chosen.
When the friends realize who and what they are, they must enlighten themselves to the truth of our shared human history. It is not what we’ve all been taught, or what we believe. European royalty and their relentless quest for the most precious of jewels, World Wars and the re-drawing of maps, nothing is as it has always appeared. The history books have lied.
The Chosen must find the precious lost Orbs before time runs out. Their adventure will pit them against powerful forces and dangerous foes to fulfill their destiny and save humanity.
Can the future of humanity be trusted to four teenagers, even four extraordinary ones? For fans of the Librarians TV series and Harry Potter’s search for the Horcruxes.



Cari lives in the Midwest with her ridiculously patient husband and children, and currently has two Benevolent Chihuahua Overlords named Stanley McBarker and Snoopy.


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  1. Cari Schaeffer
    Cari Schaeffer says:

    I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the first book – the next one is almost ready for release as I type this. It’s got a few more rounds of “polishing” to go through, but it will come out in early April at the latest.

    It’s got a lot more meat to it than Book One and I had a blast writing it.

    The third book is also taking shape and doing well, too.

    Have a great day!


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