His First Lady By Avery Scott – Review by Emily Brockschmidt

His First LadyHis First Lady by Avery Scott
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Presidential candidate Michael Reese thinks his campaign manager Tom is crazy when he suggests Michael find a pretend girlfriend to soften his playboy image. On a whim, he glances around at the females on his team and discovers his only option there is his speech writer, Kendall. Wanting someone he can already trust for the job, he asks and she reluctantly accepts. After all, what could go wrong?! While the premise of this story is not new, I still loved how Avery Scott told this story. Kendall is a great character who seems to fight herself the entire book, trying to figure out how she really feels. She seems tailor made for Michael and the tasks at hand, managing it all like a pro. She tries to stay professional, but who can resist a man like Michael?! The note at the end of the book from Aver y Scott promises extra scenes from the book on her website, but the website seems to be down, so now I’m begging Avery Scott for a sequel! I thoroughly enjoyed these characters and would love to read more about them! Overall, a great, quick read! I give “His First Lady” by Avery Scott four stars!
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