His First Lady by Avery Scott – Review by Robin Rankin

His First LadyHis First Lady by Avery Scott
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

His First Lady by Avery Scott had me from the very beginning. I loved Kendall and Michael and everything about their story. Though there were a few times I wanted to shake them to get them to wake up and talk with one another.

Michael a twice divorced batchelor has no plans to marry again, even if it will help him win the Presidency. He fights it tooth and nail and digs his heels in even though it was to his own detriment.

Kendall was working on the campaign as a speech writer and it ended up being so much more than a simple job. She fought her feelings as long as she could and fought admitting them even longer than that.

There was just something about the way they were together that I liked and would love to see more of them and their story. I wasn’t quite ready to let them go.

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