If the Shoe Fits (The Liberty Lawrence Series Book 3) by Bea Stevens – Review by Emily Walsh

If The Shoe Fits... (The Liberty Lawrence Series Book #3)If The Shoe Fits…
By: Bea Stevens
My Rating: 4 of 5 stars

If the Shoe Fits (The Liberty Lawrence Series Book 3) by Bea Stevens was a fun light hearted read, that had a little bit of everything to keep you well engaged and entertained.

The third book in this quirky series, we follow Liberty as she moves onto a new adventure and a new job. Man this girl changes jobs more than necessary. I mean sure it fits with the story and Libby’s personality, but I mean, realistically, changing jobs that often isn’t healthy, career wise. Plus all her boss’s seem to be mean, tools that are set up for you to hate them. As much as I am enjoying this series, and if there is another book, I do hope that trend doesn’t continue.

Overall, like I have said, this book as a whole, is fun, pulling, has wonderful characters, and a nice easy mystery like plot, that keeps you on your toes. Libby is growing on me more and more, though I still think she is a little too immature for her age, but hell, she’s making progress and I’m happy with that. Story wise, this was my fav so far. The nice easy flow made for quick easy reading, and the transitions were smooth, even will all the minor things I mentioned above, this is a page turner.

To end, this book gets a super high recommendation from me, and my stamp of approval.

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