The Billionaire and the Therapist (Clean Billionaire Romance Reads, #1) by Kim Koby – Review by Jana Teppih

The Billionaire and the Therapist (Clean Billionaire Romance Reads, #1)The Billionaire and the Therapist by Kim Koby
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Billionaire and the Therapist is the first book in Kim Koby’s Clean Billionaire Romance Reads. It is not the first book I have read by this writer so I decided to pick up a copy to get out of my funk … I needed to read something Happily Ever After, something sweet … I did feel at times that it was too short and there was a lot that the writer could have delved deeper into and left the door closed … I also felt that the billionaire lifestyle aspect fell a bit short when I compare it to some of the other billionaire stories I have read but in reality, who really knows how it all looks like … not me!
The Billionaire and the Therapist the story of John Callahan who has lost his wife and his seven year old daughter Catherine has stopped speaking. Enters Natalie Ross, a speech therapist, who has her own bag of demons. They grow closer and closer while Natalie is working with Catherine and they come to the point where they both need to face their past…
Pick up a copy if you are looking for an easy pick-me-up story and I already checked out that one of John’s brothers is getting his own story! (I wonder if we end up with all five, I would definitely not mind!)

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