Lights, Camera, Action (Paranormal Talent Agency Series Book #1) by Heather Silvio – Review by Angela Hayes

Lights, Camera, Action (Paranormal Talent Agency, #1)Lights, Camera, Action by Heather Silvio
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Lights, Camera, Action is the first book in the Paranormal Talent Agency Series by Heather Silvio. It is a delightfully fun paranormal mystery- a ‘who-dunnit’, with romance, murder, secrets, intrigue, danger, discoveries, and a good dose of the supernatural.
This is my first read by Ms. Silvio, so not knowing what to really expect I let the cover and the blurb sway me. I was between books and unsure what I wanted to read next, so when this book/series showed up on my feed I grabbed them right away and jumped in.
Although the story is a little predictable, that didn’t detract from my enjoyment of the book. It is a really sweet story, with an original spin on the paranormal romance/mystery theme. And I think that it would make a fun television series, too.
Catherine has just moved to Las Vegas to open a new branch for the Talent Agency that she works for. This is a promotion, so she feels a bit of pressure to get the business up and rolling and turn it into a success. News reports begin to appear about murders of young actresses, all under suspicious circumstances. When her top client becomes the number one suspect, Catherine decides to do a little digging of her own. The fact that Alex is incredibly attractive and has invaded her dreams, has nothing to do with her desire to find out the truth- does it? But what she uncovers is a whole lot more than she could ever have imagined, and as she and Alex spend more time together in their ‘investigation’, Catherine discovers a world she never even knew existed. But as the body count rises, so does the danger. Who can she trust? Will they get to the bottom of it all before the next victim is chosen? What happens when secrets are revealed? What happens if/when the killer sets his sights on Catherine? Can Alex save the day?
The story isn’t too heavy or overly dramatic, but still managed to engage me with the mystery side of the story, as well as the sweet romance. It has a fast pace and flows really well. The story might be short in length, but there is nothing lacking about the content.
I have already read the next two books in the series, Reset to One (Book #2) and That’s a Wrap (Book #3)…. Looking forward to seeing what Ms. Silvio does next!

Thank you, Ms. Silvio!


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