The Chosen: Book One: The Orb Quest Series by Cari Schaeffer – Review by Emily Brockschmidt

The Chosen (The Orb Quest Series, #1)The Chosen by Cari Schaeffer
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Four friends named Gemma, Allie, John and Timothy have been close for years. They all happen to have a platinum streak of hair near the base of their necks and they all have a ring around their iris in one eye, weird quirks they never gave much thought to before. That is until they are in the local park after dark and discover a mysterious door in the woods. “The Chosen” is a wonderful opening story to what I can already tell will be an amazing series! I am a HUGE fan of sci-fi, especially historical sci-fi and this book really spoke to my kind of nerd! Cari Schaeffer is building a fascinating world of powerful orbs, secret societies and the four teenagers who are “The Chosen!” Do yourself a favor and just read this book to find out what I mean! This book was a little short for me, since I love getting lost for days in a story, but I can tell it will all be worth the wait. Here is hoping Cari Schaeffer can deliver soon since I will be eagerly waiting the next installment in The Orb Quest Series! Five stars from me!!

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