Cinderfella by Kristy Brown – Review by Jenni Bishop

CinderfellaCinderfella by Kristy Brown
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Cinderfella by Kristy Brown is a unique and clever take on a modern day Cinderella fairytale. It is a quick read but a fun read and is sweet and cute. This tale is full of hopes and dreams, a little magic and a sweet romance. It is funny and heartfelt and at times a little sad.

Ash has been treated poorly by his father and brothers but he has his pet pig, Gus. When a knock on his door one night provides for an interesting tale, he doesn’t realise that it would turn out to be his quirky old fairy godfather. He also doesn’t realise that a strange woman in his home would turn out to be a princess.

Anyone who loves a fairy tale will fall in love with this modern day and role reversal version.

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