Flirty Dancing: A Spicy Romantic Comedy About the Afterlife (The Green Room Chronicles, Book 3) by J.D. Frettier – Review by Jana Teppih

Flirty DancingFlirty Dancing by J.D. Frettier
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Flirty Dancing is the 3rd instalment in J.D Frettier’s Green Room Chronicles series. If you are looking for funny spicy novellas set in the afterlife then this series is for sure for you! You will cackle like a witch and roll your eyes and hope that there will be more instalments and that there will be many more stories telling the stories of the Green Room residents! And by the way, you should really read the stories in their rightful order to really get the maximum out of them!
When you know that this is a story about afterlife and the title says “Flirty dancing”, what kind of dancing pops into your head? In mine, all those funky pole dancing videos from YouTube! And yes, you would be right; we have Kitty Eating, a pole dancing mother who is led to the Green Room by, surprise surprise, by our friend Grim Reaper! The characters from the previous stories are meeting her and help her to adjust to her new reality.
I mean, yes, all the stories are funny, still, they all start with the main character dying and how they struggle with truly understanding they are dead … while reading Kitty’s story I was thinking in my head “I wonder what I would be feeling and thinking”…
It is a quick read so if you need some pick me up then go for it!

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