Hell On Heels (PJ Santini Series Book One) by Lynne Russell – Review by Madison Degraffenreid

Hell On Heels (PJ Santini Series Book 1)Hell On Heels by Lynne Russell
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Hell On Heels (P.J. Santini Series Book 1) by Lynne Russell


Hell On Heels is funny, romantic, and full of mystery. This is one book I could not put down. We follow private investigator P.J. Santini as she attempts to solve the murder of Sigy, a former coworker. She balances her PI job with her new reporter role taking Sigy’s place. Her character was wonderful to follow with her crazy men and family. I found myself laughing every time I turned around. I found the storyline easy to follow and all the characters interesting. There is mention of severed parts, sex, and kidnapping in this novel, so if you are bothered by that this book is not for you. I felt that it really gave the story some oomph and made it seem more realistic. I highly recommend this book!

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