Mayhem (A Twisted Hearts Love Story) by Autumn Sand – Review by Crystal Davidson

Mayhem (A Twisted Hearts Love Story, #2)Mayhem by Autumn Sand
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Mayhem by Autumn Sand is the second book in the Twisted Hearts Love Story series and I think it’s safe to say I enjoyed it more than the first book. And I really really enjoyed the first one.

Tick is the right hand man to mob boss Tony who we meet in Bedlam, Book 1, and is emotionally stunted due to a tragic event that happened in his younger years. But that all changes when he has an unexplainable reaction to Cyma, who he meets in a sudden, violent, and unexpected way and she vanishes just as quickly as he meets her. A few days later he sees her again, in again the most unexpected place, and vows this time to get to know her better. He is persuasive, and sexy as can be!! And he doesn’t take no for an answer! Cyma has her reasons for saying no, but has a hard time meaning it
This story has humor, tragedy, danger, action, twists, vulgar language and steamy sex scenes in spades! This book is not for people who are adverse to violence, or cancer, and is definitely not for young eyes!! 5 stars from me and I cannot wait to read book 3!

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