Murder Among Friends by Linda J. Burson – Review by Crystal Davidson

Murder Among FriendsMurder Among Friends by Linda Burson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Murder Among Friends by Linda Burson is the first book I’ve read by this author.
Placed in Connecticut, Camille Thurston is newly employed for a PI business after a string of bad luck with her previous long term job.
Her new boss Frank Dees is a guy she meets in a bar the same day she quits her job and her boyfriend breaks up with her. After they work an extremely gruelling murder case, he allows her a 3 month vacation to recharge.
Choosing to recharge with her family, she goes to Connecticut to spend time with her brother Zach (whom is a police officer), his wife and their children. While visiting, a woman her Brother knows is reported missing. Her 3 months turned into longer.
Camille, trying to help, finds herself in love with the missing woman’s husband, and directly in the middle of the investigation. This was a great read from beginning to end. I thought several times that I had figured out the who done it, but oh my! I definitely couldn’t predict the end! 5 out of 5 stars!

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Impact (Twisted Hearts Love Story #4) by Autumn Sand – Review by Crystal Davidson

Impact (A Twisted Hearts Love Story book 4)Impact by Autumn Sand
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Impact is Book 4, and the final book in the Twisted Hearts Love Story series by Autumn Sand and is my favorite of them all! Each book tells of a different alpha-male that is somehow connected to a mob family within New York and their fall for strong willed, independent, confident women. Each male has skeletons in the closet, and each female is in some form of distress. Book 4 tells us about Manny, (Manuel) his very unfortunate upbringing, his climb from criminal to legitimate, his love woes, and then finally his happily ever after. We meet him briefly in the 3 previous books, but not enough to label him anything more than mysterious, and dangerous. I felt like we get to know Manny on a much more personal level than any of the characters in previous books, and so was much more connected and in tune to his feelings and hardships, success and victories. I loved the way this book jumped from past to present to past to present, showing us who he is now and what happened in the past to make him that person. I felt like this story had more ups and downs, more action, and overall was better written. I literally couldn’t put it down!! I highly recommend this book and give it 5 out of 5 stars!

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Bonded (A Twisted Hearts Love Story) by Autumn Sand – Review by Crystal Davidson

Bonded (A Twisted Hearts Love Story book 3)Bonded by Autumn Sand
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Bonded is another part to the The Twisted Hearts Love Story series by Autumn Sand I’ve slowly been reading. This book tells of Magnum, who we are introduced to in previous books, but barely. He seems quiet, mysterious, and dangerous. My expectations for this book were high because previous stories in this series have grabbed my attention and turned me into a mob affiliate junkie! For real, I cannot get enough of this series!! All the men are alpha-male. Sexy. Borderline Dangerous. And the women are sexy, smart, capable. I’ve not had much interest in these types of stories, and was more into MC type romance/suspense/action, however this series is opening new doors for me.
Magnum, real name Carl, is employed by Tony Delany, who we get to know a lot of in the previous stories. Just like the previous stories, this one has scenes of a sexual nature not suitable for younger eyes, as well as vulgar language and swearing. And it has some very disturbing and maybe triggering scenes of violence involving children, so be aware if this is bothersome for you.
Placed mostly in New York, but partly in Amsterdam.
Brenda is a nurse. We meet her briefly in Ticks story because she is friends with Cyma, as well as was Laila’s (Cyma’s daughter) nurse, and Cyma is Ticks spouse. Her and Magnum have sparks for sure, but for reasons unclear, fail to hit it off at first. However all that changes when someone appears to stalk Brenda and Magnum takes whatever means necessary to keep her safe!
This book was much more than I expected! 5 out of 5 stars!

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Mayhem (A Twisted Hearts Love Story) by Autumn Sand – Review by Crystal Davidson

Mayhem (A Twisted Hearts Love Story, #2)Mayhem by Autumn Sand
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Mayhem by Autumn Sand is the second book in the Twisted Hearts Love Story series and I think it’s safe to say I enjoyed it more than the first book. And I really really enjoyed the first one.

Tick is the right hand man to mob boss Tony who we meet in Bedlam, Book 1, and is emotionally stunted due to a tragic event that happened in his younger years. But that all changes when he has an unexplainable reaction to Cyma, who he meets in a sudden, violent, and unexpected way and she vanishes just as quickly as he meets her. A few days later he sees her again, in again the most unexpected place, and vows this time to get to know her better. He is persuasive, and sexy as can be!! And he doesn’t take no for an answer! Cyma has her reasons for saying no, but has a hard time meaning it
This story has humor, tragedy, danger, action, twists, vulgar language and steamy sex scenes in spades! This book is not for people who are adverse to violence, or cancer, and is definitely not for young eyes!! 5 stars from me and I cannot wait to read book 3!

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Abandoned by Love: Book 1 in Shattered Hearts Duet by Aleya Michelle – Review by Crystal Davidson

Abandoned by Love (Shattered Hearts Duet, #1)Abandoned by Love by Aleya Michelle
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The blurb hooked me right away. I’m a sucker for tragic love affairs and second chance love stories.
Emily and Jax are passionately in love and on the track straight to marriage, when Emily leaves him with nothing but a note. Jax feels it’s because of “the accident” that could have been prevented had Jax listened to her. But theres more to it than he knows.
This story has edge of your seat suspense and fear from the very first page! However, I must warn that there is Teenage/Young Adult Drinking and Driving and this can be bothersome and triggering for some. Car Accidents can also be bothersome. As well as the aftermath of them. So just beware if you are disturbed or triggered by this. This story has a lot of heartache, but also sheds light on several touchy subjects! I read it cover to cover in 1 day and cant wait for the second book! 5 stars!

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Bedlam (A Twisted Hearts Love Story Book 1) by Autumn Sand – Review by Crystal Davidson

Bedlam (A Twisted Hearts Love Story, #1)Bedlam by Autumn Sand
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Bedlam – A Twisted Hearts Love Story- by Autumn Sand.
The narrator and heroin of this story is Anaya and she clearly has money as is evident in the first chapter. This is typical of this type of story. She works for a top interior designer in New York. She has the top of the line everything where fashion and accessories are concerned. Automatically, you can see Anaya’s unhappiness with her relationship. Her boyfriends name is Ignacio. He’s never home and he messes around on her. He is the head of a crime family. He took over the title after his father died. His whole demeanor changed, with their relationship quickly following, when he took the “job”.

Anaya grew up in foster care. Both her parents died of Drug Overdoses. She is attached to her boyfriend because hes been the only constant in her life. Anaya only has 1 close friend.

She receives a rare, life changing opportunity to redecorate the hottest club in the tri-state area. While attending her first meeting at this club, she meets a man that makes her hot. Its clear at this point that there will be sex and swearing in this story not suitable for younger eyes. It’s also clear some parts will be funny laugh out loud funny. The man is Tony Delaney. Her new boss. Insert twists here! From that point on, the story reeks of danger every page you turn. Foreshadowing galore. It’s really a great 5 star reads with unforeseen twists and non stop suspense!! 5 stars!!

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A Person Could Get Lost Here by Terri George – Review by Crystal Davidson

A Person Could Disappear HereA Person Could Disappear Here by Terri George
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Terri George is a new to me author and A Person Could Disappear Here was an okay read. This book had an amazing plot, however in my opinion was missing some very key elements. I found the author could have spent a few more minutes character building before jumping into the story with both feet first. I wasn’t as empathetic to the characters and their quest to find their missing British friend In the US as I could have been because I didn’t really know them or connect with them before their adventure. I also found it to be lacking any real action, and when you think kidnapping, you associate action with it. There was some action, but it was lacking excitement until closer to the end of the book. However there is definitely an element of suspense . What I did find awesome was the cross between British Dialect and American Dialect. Usually when I read a book like this, I have a hard time because I don’t know the meaning of all the words, and the grammar is funny. This didn’t happen this time. I was able to read cover to cover without Google Assistant. I really enjoyed that this book educated me a bit. It was evident in their search for their friend that the laws mentioned were researched and not fabricated. The twist at the end was unforeseen and probably the best part of the story! 4 out of 5 stars!

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Taming the Troublemaker (The Hills of Texas 3) by Kadie Scott – Review by Crystal Davidson

Taming the Troublemaker (Hills of Texas, #3)Taming the Troublemaker by Kadie Scott
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Taming the Trouble Maker by Kadie Scott is a 5 out of 5 stars kind of read!! It is the 3rd book from the Hills of Texas Series. It definitely falls into the romance category. Autry is a ranching playboy. Beth is a school teacher. They went to the same school growing up, but their circles never combined so they were never friends. One night after a visit to the local pub, Beth locks her purse in Autrys truck resulting in a friendship of sorts. One night Beth needs a hand and Autry comes to her rescue, however lands himself in jail. Beth then comes to his rescue by suggesting to the crown he receives leniency and community service. Beth has a student, Dylan, whom is in foster care and is struggling inside and outside of school and Beth feels like a “big brother” would do him wonders. And so Autry becomes his “Big Brother”. This story was honest to goodness funny and uplifting. It gave me a lot of insight Into how a child in foster care really feels, and made me think about the difference companionship can make in a child’s life, and how a child can change a grown ups life. It was also nice to see that his story ends happy, because not all foster kids get a happy ending!

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Little Do You Know (Bayou Devils MC 5) by A.M. Myers – Review by Crystal Davidson

Little Do You Know (Bayou Devils MC 5)Little Do You Know by A.M. Myers
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Little Do You Know is Book 5 of the Bayou Devils MC. I have read every book prior and was so excited to get this! This is Noah, aka Hennessey and Kady’s story. Noah was incarcerated for 7 years, and this is the first time in all the books that we really get to know him. Prior to his incarceration, Noah and Kady were engaged and trying to start a family. As soon as he was arrested, she disappeared without a trace. As soon as he is released, he starts looking for her. Refusing to believe she left him, and also refusing to believe she is dead, he enlists the help of his “brothers”. When he finally finds her living in a cabin and she refuses to see him, he feels like something is amiss. Noah refuses to give up on them even though she has a boyfriend. He also refuses to believe she moved on. He has an eerie feeling something is wrong and borderline stalks her to figure it out.

Noah is a persistent, passionate, sweet man that worships the ground she walks on and Kady is strong willed, independent, timid survivor, which means I love this story!! There’s a bit of naughty language, some laughs, some suspense, definite twists, a whole lot of heart ache, steamy sex scenes, action and more!! This book is one of those books you DO NOT put down, so make sure you’re in your comfy seat, with little distractions and your beverage of choice before you get started! 5 out of 5 stars!!

Reviewed by @crystald

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Infamy (Fiesty Lawyers, #2) by Seelie Kay – Review by Crystal Davidson

Infamy (Feisty Lawyers, #2)Infamy by Seelie Kay
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Infamy by Seelie Kay is the second installment from the Fiesty Lawyers series, featuring all the same players from the first book, Snatching Dianna, which I read prior to reading this.

Dianna, Law Student and a new Agency recruit; teams up with the very lawyers and agents that orchestrated her rescue from a sex trafficking scheme to find out who, how, and why terrorists plan to make American plane’s dissappear, and eliminate the threat via several agencies and legal channels. This story has much more intricate detective work, and more suspense than the previous story.

This book is a 5 star read! Right from the get go its evident that although all the characters take their jobs and roles seriously, and are very much so intelligent, they all have great senses of humor. This story has some scenes that are not for young eyes! And it’s very original. I’ve never read a book with a plot similar! My Favorite part of every story, and this one is included in that, is the moment the title is revealed! Its non stop action after that.

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