Cursed Luck (Broderick Coven Book 5) by A.J. Renee – Review by Roxsanne Lesieur.

Cursed Luck (Broderick Coven, #5)Cursed Luck by A.J. Renee
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Edward Broderick is a handsome male witch with intuition to match which he uses to help others in their business ventures, although, it doesn’t quite work as well when it comes to his own life, as he has watched his brothers and sister find their soulmates, he has always felt like he isn’t as strongly bonded as the others. He has felt like an outsider since he was a child and was extremely reluctant to let anyone close after seeing how it almost broke his family apart, but as he watches one of his brothers get married, one of the other guests completely throws him for a loop. Mia Hemlock is a witch who is friends with the Broderick family through their coven and for the first time ever, she has been invited to participate in a ritual with them, she is apprehensive, but she feels more welcomed than at any other time, apart from when she is with her parents, but what she didn’t expect was to run into the handsome man who seems both shy and awkward all at the same time.

As Edward and his newest sister in law talk on the patio at their house, he realises how much he has missed interacting with them all and it is at that point that they reveal that they feel the same way and that from then on it will change and he hasn’t got a choice in the matter. A few days later, Edward is talking to his sister when she suggests that they go and visit Mia’s shop to see if there are any ways he can help it to bloom, but all sense goes out of the window as soon as he walks in and sees her again. Mia is surprised when Edward turns up without his sister, however, her reactions towards him leave her confused and flustered all at the same time and no amount of grounding through the earth can change it. The conversations starts out well, but Edward reverts to a tongue tied teenager and messes up leading Mia to kick him out of her shop in a flurry of angry words, however, they cannot stay mad at each other for long and so when he goes to apologise, she accepts and they realise that they can’t resist the pull they feel.

This peace does not last long when Mia sees something she misinterprets and Edward isn’t given the chance to explain, but will they be able to reconnect and move past this event, or will they go against the wishes of the goddess and the pairing she has chosen? This is a paranormal romance which is full of sweetness and light while being tempered with awkwardness and a hint of arrogance, as you are swept away on the journey to see what the ending will be.

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