Minx by Maggie Adams – Review by Lisa Helmick

MINXMINX by Maggie Adams
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

by Maggie Adams
Rated 5 stars

This is a lovely story that i enjoyed more and more with every page i turned. This did make me sad at the beginning. But more than made up for it later. The story was good and I loved the characters.

Miranda was goofy at times and I wondered what she is thinking. Other times she just had me shaking my head. But overall she gave me hope. Hope that even though someone Is older…she can still have that life she fantasized about living. Sometimes Act Two can be better than the first.

Thank goodness for her girlfriends. While they add nicely to the story they didn’t take anything away from Miranda. I did LOVE the name they gave her ex. It cracked me up! This is a shorter story but It really doesn’t seem that way. I felt like this was a full book with all the love, silliness and irritation that would accompany it. The ending rounded the book out perfectly! I loved it!

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