Misfortune of Vision (Druid’s Brooch #4) by Christy Nicholas – Review by Francis O’Sullivan

Misfortune of Vision (Druid's Brooch #4)Misfortune of Vision by Christy Nicholas
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Misfortune of Vision is the fourth book in Christy Nicholas’ Druid’s Brooch series. The series follows a brooch as it is passed through the generations, giving powers to whoever is in possession of it. Each book is set at a different point in history, mainly in Ireland.
At the time when Misfortune of Vision is sent, Christianity has become the main religion in Ireland. Orlagh, whose visions and medical knowledge have been helping her community for decades, is being treated with suspicion by a church that is desperate to assert its dominance.
It’s nice having a protagonist who is quite old. Orlagh knows her time is running out and wants to ensure that she passes her knowledge and the brooch on to someone suitable. We see her struggling with tasks, relying on others for help, and being drained by the work that she must do. We also see her thinking about how her body is changing as she ages and mourning the friends and family who she has outlived.
I also like that Declan, another major character, is a musician. His knowledge of songs from a variety of traditions adds some extra interest to the book!
For me, this is another five-star book. Nicholas paints a vivid picture of the times and places in which her books are set, and yet again I feel like I’ve been transported back in time. It’s so informative and well researched, with an exciting fantasy side that fits in to the setting. I would definitely recommend it to fans of historical fantasy, especially if you’re interested in Celtic history and traditions!

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