Things We Lost (Loving Locksley Book 1) by Shae Banks – Review by Natalie Hanley

Things We Lost (Loving Locksley Book 1)Things We Lost by Shae Banks
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Things We Lost is the first book in the Loving Locksley series. It tells us the story of a second chance romance between Jason Locksley and his childhood sweetheart Nathalie. Nathalie hadn’t seen Jason since he left her 13 years earlier without looking back. When she bumps into him the same day she gets a new job that will move her closer to home, she is reluctant to rekindle their flame but Jason doesn’t give up easily.
I enjoyed this book although I did keep waiting for a wow moment which didn’t come. The lead characters were well-written and the story moved along at a good pace. I liked the fact that the characters could meet up after many years and try to start again, despite the mistakes they had both made in their life. Nathalie’s straight-talking best friend was a breath of fresh air too, although once Jason came on the scene there was not as much from her.
I enjoyed this book and look forward to seeing what Shae Banks has next for the characters.

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