Until Fools Find Gold (Providence Gold Book One) by Mary B Moore – Review by Liz Vrchota

Until Fools Find GoldUntil Fools Find Gold by Mary B. Moore
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

My goodness gracious, I just could not for the life of me get enough of Until Fools Find Gold: A Providence Gold Series and Until Series Crossover. I’ll be completely frank here when I tell you that I solely chose this book based off the cover. It snagged my eyes and drew me in and I just had to read it. No questions asked. I have never heard of Mary B. Moore, never read her works or the previous novels this springs forth from, but it was all good. Every page consumed me. Ms. Moore has one hell of a talent for writing some emotive characters, and I found myself wrapped up in my feelings from the very start of the novel till the very end. I am so darn excited that there is going to to be more books with the same people/family and that there is a whole series that I have not had a chance to read yet. I will be devouring those as soon as I possibly can. This one however was all about Luna and Noah and my word they were just divine. Luna has been to hell and back and she will break your heart before she puts it back together. Noah is well, besides delicious and sweet, just the perfect man for her. He has waited a very long time for the time to be right to finally have a shot with Luna. These two and their journey is one story you will not soon forget. I know I won’t and it will grace my bookshelves at home ASAP too. Thank you so much for the fabulous read Ms. Moore.

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