Wolf (Fairy Tale Series Book 3) by Jody Lynn Daniels – Review by Debi Kircher

Wolf: Book 3 in The Fairy Tale Series (Fairy Tale Series )Wolf: Book 3 in The Fairy Tale Series by Jody Lynn Daniels
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wolf: Book 3 in The Fairy Tale Series by Jody Lynn Daniels

5 Stars

Oh my…I loved this story, and this author transported me right into the story and I could clearly picture everything in my mind. I sincerely want to go live and work on this ranch.

I loved the storyline and how that progressed and was handled, I literally read this book in one sitting because I could not put it down once I started. It flowed perfectly and made me smile on more than one occasion. It also hurt my heart in other occasions and I couldn’t imagine how Maggie was able to function as she had, especially when someone from her past walks in the room..Wolf, the main she believes is completely responsible for her sadness in life.

I loved Wolf and thought what he had been through in life was awful as well, even if for different reasons.

This story was so awesome and had a sort of perfect sweetness to it that never felt over the top. I was really sad when it was all over, and the ending was simply spot on. I also can not wait to read many more books by this author, I truly loved her style of writing.

Highly Recommend!

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