Out of the Box Collection by Jennifer Theriot – Review by Jenni Bishop

Out of the Box CollectionOut of the Box Collection by Jennifer Theriot
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Out of the Box Collection: A Second Chance Romance Series: The Complete 3-Book Collection by Jennifer Theriot is a box full of emotions, heartache, tragedy, betrayal and love to name a few. The characters are likable and make you feel part of the story. Olivia has uprooted her whole life to follow her husband across country to a new job. Only he drops a bombshell and turns her whole life upside down. In the midst of heartache she finds something that she never thought she would find and it turns out it is better the send time. Unfortunately not everything is smooth sailing and there are plenty of ups and downs that affect them all. The love and laughter these characters find within this motley crew of a people who chose to be a family will keep you turning the pages and following every step along the way with them.

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