After Wrath (The Deadliest Sin Book 2) by Gwyn McNamee – Review by Erica Fish

After Wrath (The Deadliest Sin #2)After Wrath by Gwyn McNamee
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

After Wrath is the second book in the The Deadliest Sin series by Gwyn McNamee If you did not read Wrath you should read that book first to get all the back information on After Wrath. Now I will take a deep breath and say that I LOVED Wrath, BUT I LOVE After Wrath a little more. Gwyn McNamee does an amazing job of linking the two stories together. There is so much raw emotion that my emotions just were all over the place. I will warn you that you may not stop reading this book until the end. This is a dark story and with Wrath being one of the seven deadly sins I expected this story would be dark. Here is my favorite quote found in the summary:
“The Dragon will rise.
Death will reign.
Because wrath is the deadliest sin.”

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