Alex: An Eidolon Black Ops Novel by Maddie Wade – Review by Michelle Austin

Alex: An Eidolon Black Ops NovelAlex: An Eidolon Black Ops Novel by Maddie Wade
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Alex: An Eidolon Black Ops Novel
by Maddie Wade
5 stars

This was a great read right from the beginning. Maddie Wade is quickly becoming a must read author for me no matter what she puts out. This is the first book in a new series Eidolon Black Ops.

This is Alex and Evelyn’s story.
These two were childhood sweethearts that were engaged to be married. When Evelyn went missing and thought to be dead, things changed for Alex.

We jump ahead 15 years, when there is an order made by the Monarchy for the elimination of Siren (Evelyn), the Black Ops are given the assignment. Siren was a member of an all women group of assassins. The leader of the Eidolon Black Ops ends up sending Alex in to protect Siren and get to the bottom of who is framing her. Now that she is back in his life Alex is determined to keep her safe.

Now that they are reunited will they get back what they had before? Can he keep her safe? Will they solve the mystery behind everything?

There is so much more to this great read. There’s action, romance, twists, turns and so much more. I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see what was coming next. All of the secondary characters added a great element to the story. Maddie does a great job of pulling you right in with her writing, I look forward to reading more from her and this series.

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