Moves by John Michaels – Review by Liz Vrchota

MovesMoves by John Michaels
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My goodness! ‘Moves’ by John Michaels was by far in my top ten mystery/thrillers of 2019 that I have had the pleasure to read! John Michaels was a completely new author to me, but when the stunning cover captivated my eye I just knew I had to know what story accompanied it. I am so glad that I scooped this up, and I look forward to now getting to read whatever else by Michaels that I can get my hands on in the very near future.

‘Moves’ literally gripped me from that very first chapter and refused to let me go well past my bedtime. I devoured this in one sitting and honestly it was a constant struggle between wanting to drag it out and savor the delight or scramble to finish in order to find out what will happen! Robert Jake is the kind of main character that you fall in love with and feel as if you know in real life by the time you finish the book. This man struggles with the grief and guilt of the loss of 18 of his soldiers while under his command and protection. He is also a single father and the host of a popular radio show. What doesn’t even seem fair is when the murders of two innocent women and the district attorney winds up coming connected to him! What will come of the situation? Will Robert find a way to live the remainder of his days in peace with his past so he can enjoy his future? You have to pick this gem up for yourself to find out. I can guarantee it is one story you do not want to miss!

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