Ice Crown (The Elements of Kamdaria Book 1) by Kay L Moody – Review by Emma Morreale

Ice Crown (The Elements of Kamdaria 1)Ice Crown by Kay L Moody
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book isn’t super long but the world we are introduced to is absolutely fascinating so I’m hoping for a long series. There wasn’t as much detail as I would have liked in the first book of a fantasy scifi world but you get enough to keep you thinking. Talise is a one in a million child from the Storm who can shape the elements. No one else from her poverty stricken home can say the same. Kay Moody straight up tells her readers that since Talise has lost her abilities from malnutrition before and the fact that starvation is the most common cause of death in the Storm, there may be others who COULD shape. Talise is admitted to the most prestigious academy to control her abilities and at the end of her literal decade of schooling, she will be in a contest to become Master Shaper. It’s literally the only way to keep from going back to the Storm. Or at least that’s what the powers that be want you to think. There HAS to be more than that, right?
It all felt very much like the well to do were using the lack of food (in the storm but no where else) to keep what could become an uprising or at least resistance in check. I am very excited to see where this series goes

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