Monty and the Monster by Rhonda Smiley – Review by Erica Fish

Monty and the MonsterMonty and the Monster by Rhonda Smiley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Monty and the Monster by Rhonda Smiley in my opinion would be a great book for elementary through junior high school. It is a well written and the story tells a tale which can be related to by most kids. . Monty is a young man who has moved four times in the last two years. Now that sounds like a lot and it is but what is even worse is that he is in seventh grade. This complicates things a little bit. He does feel like he fits in. He is looking for a friend which he has not accomplished yet. While looking in the basement he found a serum that will replicate. Monty, like any 12 year boy, decides he will create a friend. Will this actually solve his friendless dilemma? What will the other kids say? Will his friend work out or will it be more trouble than what he is worth?

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