Proper Impulse (Jaded Lily Book 4) by Zeia Jameson – Review by Erica Fish

Proper ImpulseProper Impulse by Zeia Jameson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Proper Impulse is the fourth book in the Jaded Lily series by Zeia Jameson. I have read the other stories and I really like the character development that Zeia Jameson provides her readers. Her characters are fully developed, and in this story, opposite attract like cold and hot. Milo is a by the book character and Juniper is more of the way of life is more important than the rules. It was funny watching Milo and Juniper interact in the story. Will they learn to work through their differences? What will happen if they don’t? I recommend this story to learn if they are able to give into their differences.

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