Siren’s Call: Cursed Seas by Amy McKinley – Review by Angela Hayes

Siren's Call: Cursed SeasSiren’s Call: Cursed Seas by Amy McKinley
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Siren’s Call: Cursed Seas by Amy McKinley is a Paranormal Romance- with fantasy, ancient curses, Gods, secrets, action, intrigue, magic, suspense, a mysterious arm band, drama, Greek Mythology/legends, and adventure.
I love Ms. McKinley’s books, and was really excited to see she had once more ventured into the paranormal romance realm, with Greek mythology as the basis of her story. I adore her Five Fates Series, and so I was really intrigued to see what she would do with this storyline. As I began this journey, I was immediately immersed in the wonderful and imaginative world that Ms. McKinley has so cleverly crafted- losing myself in this great story.
The characters are complex and well developed. They were easy to like, even though they frustrated me quite a bit at times- especially Zeer!
I loved the intriguing and original take on Greek Mythology, and it added an extra element of interest to the whole story. It was just a little slow to get going, as all the foundations and character introductions were made. Once the pace picked up, I was completely enthralled b the story.
I am quite curious to see what Ms. McKinley has got in store for us next, but whatever it is there is no doubt I am going to love it!

Thank you, Ms. McKinley!


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