Friend (What Happens on Campus Series Book 3) by M L Sparrow – Review by Lisa Helmick

FriendFriend by M.L. Sparrow
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Finally Terri and Jet get their story! She has been after him for soo long but has been friend zoned. He gets a wake up call and thing start looking up. The only problem is she is skittish after her attack. She isn’t sure she can handle more with him. Wish granted —but not.

This is a lovely story. I enjoyed catching up with these two as well as the rest of the crew. Seeing Terri figuring out how to move forward along with how Riley and Cam are doing is wonderful. My fav part of the whole story is Ben. I loved how she didn’t shy away from him even before he protected her. Then to help him and Jester out was so nice!

This is a tough story but it’s not my fav in the series. It seems a little drawn out and not drawn out enough. I would think she would be changed after the attack that would take time and not only a few months. Just me thinking and probably incorrectly since I have not been in those shoes.

This is my third in third in this series. I really love all these characters. Maybe Dawson and Payton could be the fourth? The stories are a little harder/edgier and easily keep my interest. Another solid story from this author.

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