Claiming the Cowboy for Christmas (The Hills of Texas Book 4) by Kadie Scott – Review by Lisa Helmick

Claiming the Cowboy for Christmas (Hills of Texas #4)Claiming the Cowboy for Christmas by Kadie Scott
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I absolutely LOVED this book! These characters are written so well I feel like I know them and could hang out with them. I really just want to join their fun family for any reason 🙂 They made me laugh, tear up and giggle a time or two. Mostly though I sit here with a BIG smile on my face while reading. That’s total enjoyment for me out of this story.

I can’t get enough of this family. These brothers! I just love when they have out and offer advice to each other. They have such great banter which shows a wonderful relationship between them.

Ashely, Jennings, Taylor and Eric….I really *felt* for these characters. What they have gone through and survived..this is one tough story because it could have easily gone another way. I enjoyed the way the author told the story to make it all believable and have he say..”Yeah that could happen” Many times I was irritated at Ashely or Eric then to turn around and be irritated at something Jennings did. Next they would crack me up and we would start all over again. Taylor was just a wonderful sister and so happy most of the time.

I love this series and this author does a wonderful job on the story. The chemistry between Jennings and Ashley is WHITE HOT! Be beware! I liked how the Christmas theme was weaved throughout this story. It was all perfect!
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