Hidden Tracks by Zoe Lee – Review by Erica Fish

Hidden TracksHidden Tracks by Zoe Lee
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Hidden Tracks by Zoe Lee is a romantic story about Astrid and Seth. One thing about Zoe Lee’s writing that I appreciate is her characters in her story. They are fully developed and easy to become book friends with the characters too. The story is a simple one. Seth is in a band and Astrid is a journalist. Astrid just got out of marriage with a “rock god”. She finds herself in a small town and writing about the band Downbeat. Seth was a member of Downbeat. They just asked him to rejoin the band. The band is at a music festival and that is when Astrid and Seth met. They story is simple but yet complicated in certain aspects. Will Astrid keep her distance from Seth? Will Seth act on his feelings? At the end will Astrid and Seth get together?

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