Hidden Tracks by Zoe Lee – Review by Liz Vrchota

Hidden TracksHidden Tracks by Zoe Lee
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I have to start with the beautiful and inviting cover to Hidden Tracks by Zoe Lee. I was instantly invested in this story just from the cover and any book that can do that gets a shot with me regardless of the subject or author. I have read one other book by Zoe Lee however, so this wasn’t a new author to me and I so wanted to love this book hard. In an absolute honest way, this book was a struggle for me to get into. It was a bit difficult for me to follow the character development and I felt like it took a lot of time giving us a backstory to side characters that we almost forgot who was the shining stars to this book. I can see where this could eventually become a series and give more of the stories to said side characters. Maybe at that time it wouldn’t hurt to consider editing out some of the extra babble in this one to help with the flow of the novel.

Once I got to it Seth and Astrid slowly warmed my heart with the music of their relationship. I loved the soft push/pull and the way these two came off as realistic. I overall enjoyed the idea behind the book and the way things turned out. So I am giving this a four star rating with all that said in mind because of the strength that those two brought to the story. I will be looking into future works by Zoe Lee however and hope maybe we see more along the lines of Hidden Tracks with a little more of a polish to them.

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