Deliciously Sinful Liaisons by L.M. Mountford – Review by Liz Vrchota

Deliciously Sinful LiaisonsDeliciously Sinful Liaisons by L.M. Mountford
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This collection of short steamy reads from LM Mountford has to be one of my new favorites by far. I love having a set of shorts like this on my kindle ready to go for those doc visits where I am waiting forever, and there are lots of those instances in my life. Be prepared though, this one is hot, as you can tell from the cover, it will give you some moments of hot flashes and the nervous sweat…. “Can they tell what I am reading!?!” Yeah, I had a lot of those moments lol.

I was actually excited that I had seen some of these before because they were paired with equally great reads in this set. LM Mountford has a way with writing short stories. They are not very detailed with complicated story lines. Rather, she focuses on the feeling and entertainment part of the storytelling with the shorts. I personally like the break from deep story lines, especially if my life is chaotic or I am invested in a long and detailed book as well.

Deliciously Sinful Liaisons has seven shorts that literally take you on adventures that will run the gambit. Everything from mafia princess love to paranormal and vampire storylines are covered so a little something for everyone. Each of the books included are as follows;

*Just Once
*Valentine Misadventure
*Together in Sydney
*Training Tracey
*Blood Lust
*Sweet Temptations

My favorite one in this collection has to be Just Once. In that one we have friends to lovers scenario and I found it to be just a feel good sweet and sexy romance I couldn’t put down. I am hoping that there will be more collections of shorts from Ms. Mountford in the near future.

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