Found in the Lost (Special Forces: Operation Alpha)(The Leonidas Corporation Book 1) by Tarina Deaton – Review by Liz Vrchota

Found in the Lost (Special Forces: Operation Alpha / The Leonidas Corporation Book 1)Found in the Lost by Tarina Deaton
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have not had the chance to read anything from Tarina Deaton prior to picking up Found in the Lost. This is book one of The Leonidas Corporation Books and part of her Special Forces: Operation Alpha sets. I loved this book way more than I even anticipated that I would. It was packed with action, adventure, intrigue and some sweet romance to sweep you away when things seem to be getting too heavy with the story line. I loved the characters and their strength, dedication, and charisma. They truly made this novel as great as it is. Deaton writes them in a way that you feel as if they are real life characters that you want to reach out to and get to know better. By the end of the novel you feel as if they are old acquaintances.

Kinley is a sweet and spunky gal that I could really relate to with her energy. She loves her job and she is about to embark on her first archaeological dig. Little does she know that danger will be around every corner and she will be involved in finding a treasure that has been lost for a really long time. Shane wants to enjoy a very needed vacation and plans to roam the jungles of Guatemala. Things don’t pan out quite as relaxing as they anticipated when danger licks their heels after helping a stranded woman. As you can imagine things get pretty adventurous and crazy. I look forward to seeing what is available by Deaton while I wait for the next book in this particular series of hers.

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