Holiday Terminal by Gwyn McNamee & Christy Anderson – Review by Angela Hayes

Holiday TerminalHoliday Terminal by Gwyn McNamee
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5 Stars



“ “Artemis Warren. Please head over to the office.” I freeze. No. The cup slips from my hand. The Styrofoam hits the ground, and scalding-hot liquid splashes against my bare legs. I hardly feel the burn. It can’t be. Not here……I scan the rest of the terminal. Maybe I misheard. It couldn’t be him. Fate wouldn’t toy with me like that. Right?”


“It was instant. Even as a teenager, barely out of high school, I knew I would love him. I knew it was something bigger than me. Bigger than him. Us. It was too big. Too powerful. Too damn much for a kid to think that way, feel that way. But I let it overtake me with every shy glance we shared. Every smile. Every touch. I knew it would be something epic. A fairy tale. One I would hold in my heart forever. And damn if I wasn’t right. I just never imagined it would come to such a catastrophic end.”


OMG! First of all, this book is sooooooo freaking goooood! It needs to be made into a movie so I can watch it over and over again, especially leading up to Christmas!!! I have already read it 3 times and will probably re-read it many more times in the next few weeks. I am a sucker for a great Christmas/holiday story- especially one that grabs you by the heart-strings. This one gave me all the emotional content that I love so much, tugging on my heart-strings, giving me that ‘feel-good’ experience at the end, where I sat back with a big smile on my face, because I am so happy to have this book in my life.
Holiday terminal by Gwyn McNamee and Christy Anderson is a wonderful holiday romance- with a massive snowstorm, a small airport in the middle of nowhere, a twist of fate, some drama, angst, push-pull, surprises, steam, emotion, and second chances. I am a huge fan of both these authors individually, and both are on my favourite authors list- so when they decide to collaborate on a book- I AM ALL IN!!! No questions asked. #TAKEMYMONEY #ONECLICK #WINNING
Now after reading this story, I am soooo impressed by what they have produced- but I really shouldn’t have been surprised- because DUH, it’s Gwyn McNamee and Christy Anderson- both such excellent authors- and I should have known that anything these two talented writers came up with would be brilliant. I was hooked right from the start- this story is my crack- totally addictive- and it’s one addiction this junkie is happy to feed.
The story takes place in a tiny airport terminal in the middle of nowhere, when a twist of fate throws two ex-lovers together in the snowstorm of the century. Past hurts are never far from the surface- but neither is their electrifying chemistry. But, with their past pain, miscommunication, and a bug secret- will these two find their second chance, or will this twist of fate bring even more heartache.
I LOVED Art and Pen, so so so much! Thant’s not to say there weren’t a few moments where I wanted to shake them. Their miscommunication drove me crazy. And I found myself yelling a t them several times through the story. They are perfect for each other. I really can’t wait to read Archie’s story- I really NEED it STAT! Like yesterday!!!
So, what are you waiting for- seriously, if you love a fantastic holiday romance, an emotive- well written story, and wonderful characters- then this is definitely one book you won’t want to miss. And if this book is outside of your preferred reading, why not take a chance and dive in- you may be surprised by how much you like it too! There really is so much to love about this book!

Thank you, Gwyn McNamee & Christy Anderson!!!


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