Stalking the Stalker (Valley View Mysteries Book 2) by Laura Hawks – Review by Erin Wolf

Stalking the StalkerStalking the Stalker by Laura Hawks
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I give Stalking the Stalker (Valley View Mysteries Book 2) by Laura Hawks, 5 stars.

This is a great mystery whodunit that caught me by surprise in the beginning and kept surprising me the whole way through. First off, it leads with the death first. I love this concept. The author does not draw things out, making us wait. Boom, murder first. Then we go back in time leading up to the murder, then finally afterwards and the investigation. If have read mysteries like this before, some of them where not nearly as clean as this one. But the author does this so well. The victim herself wasn’t really innocent and became someone most people couldn’t even imagine. Now it comes to the suspects. The more Detective Mitchell looks into it, the higher the suspect list becomes.

A whodunnit at heart, there is also possible love blossoming along the way to make this even more intriguing. The people are great too, every one different, and many have motives. I didn’t guess who it was until the end. This is also the type of book that makes you feel torn about the victim. Yes, she was murdered, but she was doing some pretty crazy things. But was she really crazy or did something drive her to it? I believe you could sit down and argue about her for a long time. Which again, make this book all the better.

A shorter read, I finished this book in one night. If you are a fan of whodunit mysteries, this book is definitely for you. I cannot wait to read the next one.

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