Supernatural Love Stories in the Absurd: Four Book Collection by Gwyn McNamee writing as D.P. Payne – Review by Liz Vrchota

Supernatural Love Stories in the Absurd: Four Book CollectionSupernatural Love Stories in the Absurd: Four Book Collection by D.P. Payne
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

DP Payne is one of those must read authors, especially when it comes down to PNR. I had read a few of the Supernatural Love stories prior to this box set being released and I am so glad that I got the chance to scoop them all up in one neat package to devour at my own pace and time. I also adore box sets when they are from my favorite series and authors because it makes the ability to gift them to family and friends and spread that author love. Each book could be read in whichever order and at your discretion but I read them as they were arranged and loved every moment of it. The option to bounce around is there as long as you read them all, because they are too good to pass up. Ill give you a touch on each book but these really should just be scooped right up and devoured. You won’t regret it once you do. I look forward to finding out what else we will get from DP Payne in the near future! I am sure it will be wonderful!

This scooped my heart up and crushed it, then proceeded to put it all back together in a way I never knew I needed. Yes this has it all and dives into the greedy, dirty, sexy parts of life. Each of the characters shined in their own way and complemented the story perfectly grasped my attention for the next awaited book. There is 4000 plus years of angst packed into this short and sweet love story that will give you a taste of the dark paranormal as well. All around a five star read on its own.

We get a bit more time travel with this one and of course some more of that paranormal and dark twisty love that we love reading from DP Payne. I was so excited to see the woman heroine shine in this novel and it made for some funny parts as she stood her ground. The names caught me up a tad in this book, simply because I am a fast reader and sometimes I found the flow thrown off with trying to make sure I got the name to sound right in my head. All a personal preference though so this book comes in at a strong four stars. Not my favorite of the group but I still loved it nonetheless. A very mummy like trip that I really was happy to have had the chance to read. I am so ready to get my hands on Spirited though!

Margot and Blake steal the story with Spirited, and the favorite spot for me with this series. I adored Margot, in fact she reminds me of myself in some ways for sure. I can be a bit of a smartyalec and she is the epitome of one. I found myself high-fiving and cheering her on a few spots. I really loved her lol. I also enjoyed the setting of New Orleans, it really shined in the novel and took me away. Blake was a blast to follow as well and I really just overall enjoyed this book! Murder, laughter, dark and magical feelings, and of course the heat of romance all combine to make this one shine the brightest of them all!

Each of these books are different yet alike, something I really enjoyed and even more so was something that broke up the monotony of reading that I sometimes find myself in. I can’t wait to share this with some friends and reread them for myself in the near future! Hope to see more of these box sets as well!

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