Supernatural Love Stories in the Absurd: Four Book Collection by Gwyn McNamee writing as D.P. Payne – Review by Michelle King

Supernatural Love Stories in the Absurd: Four Book CollectionSupernatural Love Stories in the Absurd: Four Book Collection by D.P. Payne
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is an absolutely must read collection for any PNR fan! As I’ve come to expect from anything I have ready by this author, these stories are so unique and well written, you definitely won’t want to put this book down! D.P. Payne makes you want to believe in the supernatural!

Parched is the story about a man who was so greedy, he was cursed to be a wendigo for all eternity and hunt down other greedy souls and feed from them as punishment for his evil ways. When he comes across a completely black aura, what could it possibly mean? Who could this woman be? What could she be so greedy for that her aura would be this dark? Prepare yourself for a hot and steamy, panty melting story as you find out these answers!

Cursed is the story of an Egyptian pharaoh and a modern day archeologist who have three days to break a 4000 year old curse. This kind of makes me want to change professions! How else am I ever going to meet a man like Wyre???

Spirited is probably my favorite out of the four stories in this book! It’s pretty much my lifelong dream to by old plantation homes and restore them to their former glory! And throw in a few ghosts and a super hot love story??? Yep, dream come true! Margot and Blake stole my heart in this one!

Loched is definitely the coolest of all! The mystery of the Loch ness monster has been solved! At least I’d like to think so after reading this one!

Each of these stories is unique and different. You get a bit of heat, a bit of romance, and a whole realm of emotions as you read through them! I fell in love with all of these characters and highly recommend this collection!

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