Testament of Feats: Book of Sorrows Book Two by K.H. Jones

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Testament of Feats: Book of Sorrows Book Two by K.H. Jones
Genre – Dark Fantasy, Adult Fantasy, New Adult Fantasy, Epic Fantasy
Page Count – 400 pages
Cover Designer – Jessica Ozment
The search continues for missing rangers in the wildling territories. Scream and his father venture west to rescue a loved one. While young orphans train to become true raven warriors, Warhold hunts a monster, a horror beyond most to bear.


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As a paramedic and firefighter, Kimm H. Jones saw death and violence up close. It was time for the firehouse Superman to move to the glory of the mountains and heal. He found himself working again as a bush-medic in the vast Wyoming wilderness. After losing his father to a heart attack while trout fishing on the Madison river, he left emergency medicine for good. A father and Grandfather, he now finds peace managing his small farm with his wife in South Georgia. After surviving pancreatic cancer, a particularly rare second chance, he knew he wanted to tell a story, to hold in his own two hands a book he had written.

This book.





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