Isle of Wings by E.A. Burnett

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Isle of Wings by E.A. Burnett
Genre – Teen/Upper YA Epic Fantasy
Page Count – 510 pages
Persecuted for the death of her family, nineteen-year-old Roana plans to escape the Isle of Wings, but the sorceress who controls everything on the island stops her. When Roana discovers that the sorceress has an egg of a powerful group of raptors, rescuing it becomes her priority. Despite depending on the help of annoyingly handsome Iniko to protect the egg, she refuses to abandon it, even if that means remaining on the island longer—and bringing down the sorceress’ wrath.
When Iniko meets impetuous Roana, her deep grief and anger compel him to expose a power he has always kept hidden. As he gets entangled in Roana’s trouble, he must rely even more on his ability to safeguard the future he has worked toward, while keeping his power a secret from the sorceress who would use him.
When Roana and Iniko realize the sorceress wants far more than the stolen egg, all who live on the island are endangered. But a long-repressed magic awakens in Roana, and she must choose whether to leave the islanders to the sorceress’s mercy, or save them—and be bound to the island forever.


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E.A. Burnett is a teen fantasy author. She has published two short stories and a debut novel, SILVERGLEN, which can be found on her Amazon author page.

Burnett grew up devouring works by Garth Nix, Robin McKinley, and Philip Pullman, among many other authors. She began her first novel in grade-school, with her youngest sister as her primary audience, and hasn’t stopped writing since.

Today, Burnett lives outside of Columbus, Ohio with her husband, two Labradors, two corn snakes, and two little people. When she isn’t writing, reading, or caring for her boys, she is often out in nature or enjoying her husband’s delicious cooking.

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Author Interview With E.A. Burnett




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