The Istanbul Conspiracy (Code Raven Book 7) by Lynda Filler – Review by Tracy Manderson

The Istanbul Conspiracy (Code Raven #7)The Istanbul Conspiracy by Lynda Filler
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Istanbul Conspiracy (Code Raven #7) by Lynda Filler

5 out of 5 stars

The Istanbul Conspiracy is the 7th book in the Code Raven series written by Lynda Filler and she did not disappoint me I think this was the best book in the series. The characters are well written with strong personalities and I love their quirks and the way they interact with each other.

Luke and Samaar of the Raven Group have their own wedding to attend but it’s called off at the last minute when they uncover a breach in their security. Instead of returning to Paris, they come to the aid of the Turk to get to the bottom of this horrific event. Highly anticipated photos of the wedding of DJ Turk and the daughter of the Minister of Defense which has taken place on a mega-yacht on the Bosphorus in Istanbul now show’s corpses lined up along the dock and a bride covered in blood.
Was this a random act of terror, a targeted assassination of the Turkish political elite, or an attack on DJ Turk who leads a double life. With the conspiracy they uncover they must prevent it before the balance of power in the world is perilously reversed.
I highly recommend this book/series and please read the series in order so you can understand the concept of the series….


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