IRRESISTIBLE VALENTINE (Irresistible Romance Book 3) Anthology – Review by Liz Vrchota

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IRRESISTIBLE VALENTINE is a sweet and fun romance anthology from so many wonderful authors you really can’t go wrong! I have loved reading several of these ladies for quite some time but and delighted that I have also had the chance to discover a few new ones to love. I mainly scooped this up for the Two Hearts inclusion from Tamara Ferguson so that will be my in depth review below but the others were just as fabulous to read and I look forward to finishing out the last few novels included soon! Anthologies always make the season going on around me that much more special and often make great gifts. I found myself enamored enough to gift a few of these this love season of Valentines. Hope you find some love as you read as well!

Two Hearts Reconnaissance by Tamara Ferguson is a sweet additon to her Two Hearts series that I have long loved now. This one brings us back to Crystal Rock and tells the story of Eve and Harry. Life and time has seperated these you loves but now the present brings them home and gives them a much needed second chance at love. Will they find the happily ever after they so desire?

The rest of the novels are wonderful and included as:

Cupids Quest by Natalie Ann

A little Change of Plans by Suzanne Jenkins

All Night Long by Cynthia Cooke

Never Lovers by Alicia Street

The Player by Jacquie Biggar

Unexpected Packages by Stacy Eaton

First Class Flirtation by Susan Jean Ricci

Serendipity Falls by Patrice Wilton

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