Out Of The Shadows by Theresa Sederholt – Review by Dawn Daughenbaugh

Out Of The ShadowsOut Of The Shadows by Theresa Sederholt
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5 Star
Out Of The Shadows by Theresa Sederholt

Wow just Wow. I’m at a loss for words. I can’t say I loved this book because I feel like that’s wrong. Every book I’ve ever read by this Author I’ve loved. This one shattered my heart and played with my emotions. I can’t say I know or even understand how or what they went through because I don’t, but I was pretty much holding my breath and praying so hard it didn’t end badly . My heart hurt for Dane and Brady. Dane has a secret one that’s about to come to out. The way he handled it was all he could do. He was trying to keep Brady safe. This story may be a trigger for some so be aware that does have domestic violence. I never really gave it much thought that it could happen to men,but it definitely can and probably does more than we realize. I highly recommend reading this Book. Its definitely an eye opener and will take you on a emotional rollercoaster ride that will have you on the edge of your seat. I look forward to reading more from this Author.

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