REWIND Boxed set (Rewind Series Books 1-4) By Rowan Shaw – Review by Angela Hayes

Rewind Boxed SetRewind Boxed Set by Rowan Shaw
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This boxed set contains all four books in the Rewind series by Rowan Shaw. Here are a couple of my individual reviews to give you an idea of what to expect .

Rewind is the first book in the Rewind Series by Rowan Shaw. It is a emotionally charged M/M, second chances story that pulled me in right from the beginning. The story is a little dark, and very sad in places- and my emotions were battered by what I was reading- but the story is so well written, and the characters were so ‘real’ that I would have walked over hot coals to find out what happens. The drama, chemistry, emotion, and a little suspense was brilliantly woven through the storyline. Ms. Rowan certainly knows how to tell a great story- writing a complex, thought-provoking, moving, memorable, and engrossing story.
Enzo and Florian were the very best of friends, turned lovers, during high school. They kept their relationship secret, until a traumatic event shattered their lives, leaving Enzo deaf and the two on separate courses. Now, a chance encounter reunites the two- much has happened in their lives since they last saw one another, but the sparks are still there. Will they get their second chance, or is there too much in their way to overcome?
A beautiful story about friendship, overcoming obstacles, being true to yourself, self-discovery, second chances, love, pain, heartache, and so much more…..

Rebound is the fourth book in the Rewind Series by Rowan Shaw. It is, in my opinion, the ‘spiciest’ of the series so far. It could be read as a stand alone, but I highly recommend reading the rest of the series – or at the very least diving into “Return” (Book #2) before starting on this one- as a lot of character introductions and backstory is contained there.
As I mentioned, this book is a little different than the rest of the series, as this has a polyamorous/ bisexual romance- with both M/M and M/F scenes playing out throughout the story. I really didn’t know what to expect going into this book- but Rowan Shaw didn’t disappoint- grabbing my attention and pulling me in right from the beginning. As with her other books, this story is so well written- while managing to create truly realistic and believable characters and situations. I have said before, and this book is no different, that the author is a really great storyteller- writing a complex, thought-provoking, moving, and very memorable stories.
A wonderful addition to the series, holding its own against the rest of the pack- but a book with an energy, flavour, and personality all its own.

I can’t wait to see what Rowan Shaw does next!

Thank you, Rowan Shaw!


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