REWIND Boxed set (Rewind Series Books 1-4) By Rowan Shaw – Review by Heather Bass

Rewind Boxed SetRewind Boxed Set by Rowan Shaw
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is one of my favorite series of this year. I absolutely loved all of the stories in this series. This set contains Rewind, Return, Revive, and Rebound. I want to let the readers know that this is a M/M series that takes place in France. Once I started this series I could not stop. I could not get enough of these characters. I devoured these books in only a couple of weeks.

Enzo’s life changed the day he lost his hearing. He had to start his life all over. Enzo has to fight for everything that he wants and needs. He doesn’t let anyone or anything tear him down except the man that broke his heart long ago. Enzo now has a new life and a man that doesn’t treat him right. He is in complete shock when he runs into Florian. Enzo feels that chemistry from all those years ago. Florian has a great business. He has the best life but things start to crash down around him. Florian is also shocked when he sees Enzo but their history is not good. Deep down Florian feels something for Enzo but is it too late?

Ralph has no place to go. He left home when he was a young man and now he is trying to find a place to live. Raphael finds an add for an apartment for rent. He goes to see the apartment and he is shocked that he can afford it. Raphael and his new room mate Adrien are totally different. When they start to get to know each other they find out that they have feelings for one another. Raphael likes Aiden but they both have secrets that could ruin everything. Will Raphael and Adrien find what they are looking for or will they find trouble instead?

Brandon has a lot that is going on in his life. Ever since he got divorced he doesn’t want to get into another relationship. He is a very busy man. Brandon is told to go to a club one night and that’s when he meets the gorgeous Patrick. Patrick is very busy also with his job and also his one night stands. Brandon is very intrigued by the beautiful man. He loses his mind and has a unforgettable night. Brandon’s ex tells him to see a very well known therapist and he is in complete shock when he sees Patrick at the desk. He has never felt this way about anyone before but his past is coming back to haunt him. Will Brandon be able to let his guard down or will he build up more walls?

Noah loves his life. He is a famous video blogger and he has so many fans. Noah is very happy with his relationship but one day he finds himself being second best. His partner Hugo finds someone else and Noah has nowhere to go. Noah is so upset he calls his dear friend and ex lover Adrien for help. He ends up staying with Adrien and Raphael. Noah knows that Adrien loves Ralph but he also misses his best friend. He meets one of Adrien’s friends and she really likes him but does Noah want to get involved again? Will Noah find his happiness or will he be always second best?

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