Southern Promises: The Complete Series (A Contemporary Romance Standalone Box Set) by K.G. Fletcher – Review by Jana Teppih

Southern Promises: The Complete Series (A Contemporary Romance Standalone Box Set)Southern Promises: The Complete Series by K.G. Fletcher
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Southern Promises: The Complete Series (A Contemporary Romance Standalone Box Set) is a present from K.G. Fletcher to her readers! You get all the books of the series in one go! I love when the writers do that with their series and generally when they have sets then I go for them and lose myself for hours and hours and hours … like with Southern Promises.
We have three standalone full-length contemporary romances filled with true Southern men and women with Southern Promises.
The first book is Georgia Clay that is a friends to lovers romance that gives us Katie and Clay who meet up at their ten year high school reunion. I guess we all have this one person from our youth that we feel ‘what if’ about so the writer is taking us down to one of them when bringing together a successful songwriter Clay and insurance executive Katie. In addition to Katie and Clay there are couple of more secondary characters that made the story pop even more!
The second book Georgia On My Mind is a sweet romance story that feels real as Gia and Hart feel real and you are sticking close to them while they give you a run for your money! Both of them have their own demons and secrets, both of them are easy to relate to and both of them demand you root for them! It is a great story of how you can find your dreams again and there is light at the end of a long and hard day … even when you get so overwhelmed with the daily struggle …
The third book Georgia Pine is the story of Jessica Kaufman – a mother to four young girls and just recently divorced from her hot shot cheating real estate mogul husband, and Tim McGill who is hiding out in Georgia and trying to rise like Phoenix from the ashes of his former celebrated career on the West Coast. The story was heart-warming like Southern hospitality, I loved the simplicity and yet the complexity of the feelings of the two people who feel such a strong pull under the surface so you sit at the edge of your seat and keep your fingers crossed that Tim will learn to trust and open up to these little girls their mother and that Jessica will get her happily-ever-after!
I hope there will be more books in the series as I am not ready to leave our gang yet!

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