Turn up the Tempo (Lyrical Odyssey Rock Star Series Book 4) by Charli B Rose – Review by Tracy Manderson

Turn up the Tempo (Lyrical Odyssey Rock Star series, #4)Turn up the Tempo by Charli B. Rose
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Turn up the Tempo (Lyrical Odyssey Rock Star series, #4)by Charli B. Rose

4 out of 4 stars

Turn up the Tempo is the fourth book in Lyrical Odyssey Rock series written by Ms. Rose and I read the other books in this series also. The plot was awesome and the characters where well written and I love their quirks. The only thing that bother me was it was too slow at times and it took me a few days to read the whole story.
This is Brittany and Brooks story they both don’t relationships and they both have a tragic past. It was meant to be a one-night stand. Then months later they meet again at Izzy and Dawson wedding.
Brittany cannot understand why she still think about Brooks it was only mean to be one-night and it was months ago. She doesn’t want to have feeling for him because Brooks in a damn Rockstar he will break her hart.
Brooks he usually did one night that was all he was good for and all he ever wanted. It kept girls from getting clingy. Now that he had his night, he wanted more than one round he wanted a few rounds and the next morning too. When he left her in the morning that was supposed to be it. Now Brittany is all he thinks about her smile, her laugh, her moans, her touches.
So, what is Brooks supposed to do walk away or fight for what he wants? Will brooks break down Brittany walls down? Will they be able to overcome the few obstacles that are thrown their way? Will they over come their pasts and move forward with a relationship? Will they have a happily ever after? You will need to read this story to find out. I do suggest reading all the books in this series in order.

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