Confidentiality (Scope of Practice Book 2) by Jessica Aiken-Hall – Review by Jonell Collins

ConfidentialityConfidentiality by Jessica Aiken-Hall
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Confidentiality (Scope of Practice Book 2) by Jessica Aiken-Hall, is like a mystery story told in segments. Its hard to hear the stories of these girls without being sympathetic. Especially if you are a survivor of domestic abuse. I know I planned at least a hundred murders in the 20 years of my bondage. Because bondage it is. The ongoing introspection of Val echoes some of my own. Its hard, really hard not to want her vigilante justice. The darker rooms of our mind will go there. I guess that’s what books are for. That other world. This is a good book to read even if you have never been a victim. A little insight into what makes us tick it does a body good.

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