Sky to Sea (Crimson Sash #2) by Amanda Marin – Review by Amanda Kimble

Sky to Sea (Crimson Sash, #2)Sky to Sea by Amanda Marin
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5/5 Stars

Sea to Sky (Crimson Sash #2) by Amanda Marin

As the second book of the Crimson Sash Series by the lovely Mrs. Marin she’s outdone herself. This follows Neve and Micah on the journey. Being to a new country will do things to you. Follow them on the journey of loss, tragedy, and love.

Neve has come to accept that things are different. What she doesn’t realize is that her and Micah are different as well. She helps Micah come to terms with something that has happened. The quote I choose for Neve is: “All right—I stand corrected. It’s going to be your best yet, I think.”

Micah is hurt and not just physically. Things seem to be getting worse, but Neve is there. Things don’t always last, but they always get better in the end. The quote I choose for Micah is: “You shouldn’t have to take care of me …I wish you could go back to Bristol, with your comfortable life and your family, but you can’t, and it’s my fault. Every day I hate myself for having asked you to lie to Isla that day we met. You gave up everything for me, and I’m not worth it. If I’d known …I’d take it all back to spare you this pain. I wouldn’t make you suffer with me.”

If you’ve read North to Nara then this is the book for you. I do highly recommend this book for anyone.

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