CAFE CONFIDENTIAL: An unfiltered and intimate memoir by Lynda Filler – Review by Liz Vrchota

CAFE CONFIDENTIAL: An unfiltered and intimate memoirCAFE CONFIDENTIAL: An unfiltered and intimate memoir by Lynda Filler
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I have been sitting with this book and my thoughts for three days now. Three days ago I sat down with a memoir that I was optimistic I’d enjoy because it was by one of my one-click fav authors. Three days ago this woman’s story sucked me in and took me on a whirlwind adventure with her and through her brain. I was impacted by reading this book in a way I didn’t know I needed. It’s needless to say this book completely exceeded my expectations.

I wish I could do what Lynda Filler has done, a whole eat, pray, love approach with quite a bit more flair and pizzaz and style in my opinion, but she grabbed her fate and future by the balls and went for it to find and feel her dreams. What an amazing feat to accomplish for sure, but then she wrote a book about it. Yall, I loved this more than I can say. It was raw, sassy, sexy, funny, and inspirational. What more could you want? I will for sure have a paperback copy of this on my bookshelf some day. I hope we will get more novels like such from Ms. Filler soon!

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